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Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace Inserts

Tired of that drafty fireplace? Upgrade to an insert, gas , wood or pellet and get the true benefits of the heat. Invest in your home… An insert is a practical investment. Ask your realtor and they’ll confirm that fireplaces add value to your home.

What is a fireplace insert?

Most of us think of a fireplace as an open hearth that uses a flue to vent the smoke out of the home. These fireplaces are usually built while the home is under it's new-build construction using masonry techniques and can be seen in many older homes.

These days, many homeowners don't want the hassle of having to deal with wood-burning fireplaces; they can cause heat loss and require a lot of upkeep. In this case, a fireplace insert is a better option.

Fireplace inserts are most commonly used to upgrade an existing open hearth fireplace. These are factory built to specific dimensions and are inserted into the hearth of the wood-burning fireplace. Inserts are great for those who want to give their living space a face lift without having to do too much remodeling.

How do fireplace inserts work? 

If you've decided on a fireplace insert, a professional will need to come in and measure the existing area to ensure proper installation of the insert. Fireplace inserts work by connecting the insert to the existing chimney and flue and function in place of the old wood burning fireplace.

By zone heating the rooms you live in the most, you can add even more value by keeping heating costs down. You can create a whole new look by adding  one of a multitude of fronts to your new fireplace. You control the heat out put by adjusting the flame height and the blower speed. Too hot …Turn it down.  Not Warm enough…Turn it up.  The choice is yours.

                   G          P          W         E
Hearthstone                 X                        X
Regency                          X           X          X
Valor                                 X
Mendota                         X
Electraflame                                                           X
Napoleon                       X           X            X            X
Hampton                        X                         X
G = Gas
P = Pellet
W = Wood
E = Electric

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