Whether you choose a Vent-Free, Direct Vent, Wood burning or Pellet stove, it will enhance your décor and provide an economical way to reduce the expensive operating cost of central heating. With the many options to choose from you can control the heat output at the touch of a button. Choose from a variety of different styles of stoves such as sleek and modern to tastefully rustic.

Gas Stoves. Aside from the energy efficiency aspect, gas stoves also provide precise temperature controlled environments. Unlike other types, they get to work immediately in warming up your home without lag time and, as a result, have a lower operating cost than other types. Although they generally have a higher installation cost and require more safety awareness than electric types, gas stoves can be installed just about anywhere with very little hassle.

Pellet Stoves. Although pellet stoves are less common than gas or electric stoves, they can give your home, mountain cabin or lakefront property a quaint and rustic charm. Pellet stoves are clean burning, which means there's no smoke created that can enter your home. For homeowners that have children or pets around, pellet stoves are heat safe -- meaning there is little to no external heat given off while it's in use. The initial cost of a pellet stove may be more than some other types, but it's one of the easiest to operate.

Wood Stoves. There's something nostalgic about a wood stove; not only does it produce warm and inviting heat, but also ends up being a centerpiece for any communal room in your home. Wood-burning types may require more maintenance work than other types, but the benefits include reducing use of electricity and being environmentally friendly. Wood is an inexpensive fuel source and tends to burn hotter than other types, which means you can use your wood stove for cooking purposes as well.

                   G          P          W         E
Hearthstone                   X                      X
Regency                           X          X          X 
Mendota                          X 
Napoleon                        X           X           X          X
Hampton                         X                        X 
Valor                                  X 
Piazetta Stoves                         X 
G = Gas
P = Pellet
W = Wood
E = Electric

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